Travelling Boomers... Europe here we come!


Such an exciting time for Doug and me as we plan, research and prepare for a 4-month trip to Europe this fall! We want to combine visits with our son Christo who will be doing a Master's degree in Amsterdam with exploring, experiencing and educating ourselves (the 3es!) about places like Berlin, Belgium, Andalusia, and of course Holland, with a very healthy dose of "living" in Paris for the month of October! Yes, a whole month in an artist's loft in Paris, complete with croissants, cafe creme, art museums, strolls in Luxembourg Gardens, and long evenings along the Seine. It's been a dream for a long time and we finally decided to bite the bullet and take off!


Planning got underway in May and continues, as we piece together Airbnb spots, configure and re-configure itineraries to coincide with festivals, family visits, and potential weather, and hope to make the most of cheap inter-continental flights, trains, and homey stays in people's houses to really experience life in these amazing cities and towns. There is so much to learn and even more to explore, and we'd love if you would join us by following our blog, where we hope to detail and capture our outdoor adventures, culinary forays, and discovered hidden gems. We'll take photos, suggest off the beaten path finds, and hope to entice you to maybe make room in your lives to take an adventurous plunge too!